Article from The Straits Times Forum Page, 3 February 2016

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3 Feb 2016

Start planning for an active retirement

Last Saturday's article ("A good recipe for social help") brings to light the continued need for Singapore to look outside the box when it comes to engaging with the growing number of those who are moving on to life after work.

However we define retirement, the crux of the issue is that we should never stop using our minds.

Given the availability of better healthcare and longer lifespans, we must never be in a situation where we cease to be mentally and physically active.
Dementia could well be the outcome of an inactive mind, among other factors.

The Marine Parade communal kitchen is an excellent project that must be replicated ("Seniors cook up camaraderie in novel void deck kitchen"; last Friday).

Using the concept of empowerment is spot on.

Human beings have an innate need not just to be self-sufficient, but also to be of use to others.

Most of us will leave, voluntarily or otherwise, a full-time career when we are in our 50s or early 60s. We have to plan well ahead for that eventuality.

Moving from an active working life to one that does not have a regular regime is great - up to a point.

Boredom may creep in, and one could well slide down that slippery slope into an aimless life.

Our Government would do well to refrain from over-providing help to those of us in need, as well as the ageing population.

Like most initiatives that have contributed to our successful country, it takes two hands to clap.

Singaporeans would do well to begin thinking and start putting their plans in place.

Paul Heng

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