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Welcome to NeXT Career Consulting Group, Asia

The NeXT Career Consulting Group, Asia is a professional HR services organization that specializes in the delivery of quality and effective career management, executive coaching, corporate coaching and outplacement programs. We are a member of an international association of professional career management/coaching firms, arbora Global Career Partners. Arbora is represented by the Group in Asia Pacific and over 30 other partners located globally and has its registered office in Brussels. Our other partners' offices are in :-

  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Dubai
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Korea
  • Latvia
  • Macedonia
  • Mexico 
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand 
  • Norway
  • Peru 
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Russia 
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • South Africa 
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • U.K.
  • U.S.A.
  • Uruguay

Arbora has a total of 150 offices worldwide and over 700 consultants.

To be a leading regional player in the field of human capital consultancy, recognized for our professionalism and tireless effort to maximize the potential of every candidate and every sponsoring organization.
Our mission is to be the preferred choice of organizations seeking to maximize the potential of their human capital, which will in-turn contribute to the enhancement of their organizational effectiveness and ultimately, bottom-line profitability.
Our consultants are totally committed to delivering our programs in a professional manner, with both our hearts as well as our minds. We are passionate about our responsibilities towards our corporate clients and their employees. We walk the proverbial extra mile for them, every day.

We are big enough to be represented globally and small enough to be flexible and responsive to our clients' & candidates' needs.

NeXT's Clients

NeXT's clients are primarily from  major MNCs (Asia, US and Europe) and other large listed organizations from a wide range of industries.

Coachees / Candidates entrusted to our Coaches include C-Suite,Top/Senior Management, Senior Managers, Mid-Level Managers and supervisory/support level employees.





For all your regional career development, corporate coaching and outplacement needs, contact our Head Office at :-

Far East Shopping Centre 545 Orchard Road #08-07A  
  (Singapore 238882)
Telephone: (65) 6323-6626
Fax: (65) 6225-6636
Email: paulheng@nextcareer.net

Paul and Dr William Tan, Paralympics celebrating the successful 50-hours (no sleep, no food) endurance feat/fund raising event in Singapore (Aug 28-30 2015). Close to S$60,000 was raised for three children-related beneficiaries.


What Our Candidates Are Saying

“Your role is no longer required, thank you for your service…” After 8years, 6 months and 12 days with the Company, they ended my career and livelihood with above line via a Zoom meeting. It was not unexpected due to the Pandemic but still hit me hard and still shaking at the thought of it until today. A week later, at a 1 on 1 meeting with the HR Director to review my final pay, I am encouraged me to meet Mr. Paul Heng from Next Career Consulting Group. I was reluctant because I do not need to talk to a Career Consultant, I need a job!

In the end, I am convinced that this Career Consultation service is well received by many ex-colleagues and consider it as a parting gift from the Company. On the same day, I had received a call from Paul. He made clear that he is aware of my situation and would like to offer his services to help me get back on my feet. laughing inside.. Help me find a job la!

Feeling sceptical about Paul, I told him all kinds of big plans about upgrading myself... how lowly educated I am and worked my way from a Jnr Secretary to a Senior Executive Assistant of a MNC. I don’t know why I told him all that, perhaps it was his calming voice that makes one want to talk to him. Perhaps it was me trying to tell him I am not a hopeless cause and definitely have the ability to find work on my own. Paul was there listening to my crap all those times and also shared some really useful materials me which I never bothered to check his email as I was busy crafting and shooting some 80-100 resumes at various job sites. Stupid!

Fast forward 1 month later, ZERO response from all the companies I had applied. I have had lowered my salary expectation to 60% of my last drawn. My resume is concise and I have a strong testimonial from my ex-boss. What went wrong? Depressed.

Paul was still there... Finally, I started paying attention to his existence, I opened his email and read through all the materials he had shared before. Those materials helped coped with my emotional burden and fear, and also highlighted my silly move to have broadcasted my resume out in the open, potentially hurting my opportunity with future Employers. A week later, Paul shared contacts of a couple trusted recruiters and advised to share my Resume with them. I did. Subsequently went through some super-thorough-unfiltered-interviews with these Recruiters. They were COMPLETELY honest/BRUTAL when comparing my abilities and experiences to other candidates. Painful.

I started spending more time listening to Paul’s work and hearing him sharing stories of other retrenched folks like myself. I tossed my old Resume and written a new one. Same stuffs but crafted to the Paul’s and Recruiter’s approval this time. In less than a month, I have landed myself 3 interview appointments. Yay!

Paul did not pack and go, he asked for another zoom meeting on how to further present myself in interviews. Sian.

But this time round I am determined to heed Paul’s advice 100% and thank God I did. Caught up with Paul before my first interview. I found myself not so eloquent when explaining my functions and strengths. Naturally he offered pointers, tips…..

2 weeks later, of the 3 interviews, I have received 2 direct offer (5-10% increment to last drawn) and a 2nd interview appointment… The rest is history.

To other job searchers like me, I sincerely hope all of you will be so fortunate to have Paul to walk with you through this journey of healing and making a comeback. Paul said this may not be my last retrenchment. Choy! But I am no longer afraid and have saved your number in my phone.

Thank you, Paul!

Mid Level Professional
Property Services

Paul is a very kind and structured coach, who shows compassion with strong emotional support, provides step-wise career development plan from career inspiration -> job searching -> resume & interview tips -> package negotiation -> on board preparation.

Instead of a standard fit-to-all approach, Paul and his team work very closely with the client to provide customized service which fits into client’s particular situation. His team has long experience in career consultation with extensive industry networks, which not only gives client professional advice but also connects client with useful resources in the job market. 

I also very much appreciated the flexible way to consult with Paul. There were situations that I need his instruction or advice urgently during night time or over the weekend. He is always easily reachable and very prompt to respond to any inquiries. 

Overall speaking, I really enjoy the time working with Paul together to reach my next career stage. His constructive suggestions and guidance are very useful and valuable to my career development. I would sincerely thank him and his team for all the support in past 3 months. And I highly recommend his service to whomever is facing career challenge or considering career change.

Senior commercial leader

Chemicals Industry

I've had a good experience with Paul's outplacement support. He was engaging during my search for new employment, nudged and motivated me to gain traction in my job applications. He would share tips on interview answering & questioning techniques and areas that candidates should be mindful of.

Mid-level Procurement Professional

Global chemicals giant

Paul has been instrumental in supporting my career transition and it was great that the outplacement program was customized based on a discussion on my key needs / focus areas. The support materials provided helpful guiding pointers along the way.

The interview preparation, mock interview sessions, constructive feedback and coaching were useful for me to work on my improvement areas to navigate tough interview questions and conversations.

I appreciated the times when Paul for was readily available to bounce ideas and clarify my doubts amidst short notice.

He has a vast network in linking me to recruitment agencies, good market insights and providing contacts to know more about a particular industry/region. 

It was also through Paul who has helped me increase my self confidence, and express the value I can bring to the table.

I appreciated most the times when he was able to challenge my way of thinking, and times when he provided a different perspective. 

As such, I am thankful for Paul and Leena's support, encouragement and coming out of this journey with an improved career situation.


Global Chemicals Organisation

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