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NeXT's Programs

NeXT's programs have been carefully developed and designed to suit the needs of sponsoring organizations as well as candidates. Our more practical approach usually results in candidates locating their next jobs sooner.

  • Outplacement

For our clients' managers, we have two programs:-
    1) Effective Management of the Re-Structuring Exercise
    2) Breaking the Bad News

There are two primary programs for our candidates, aptly named "The NeXTStep":-
    1) Individual (One-to-One) Support
    2) Group Workshop

For the former, we have several module types to suit the needs of each candidate, details of which will be provided upon request. Our regular, unsolicited candidate progress updates provide the necessary tool for our clients to monitor the value of the support being provided. 

Our other programs include:

  • Career Management
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Coaching 


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