Intensive Coaching Program

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Module 1
SFBC110: Coaching Plain & Simple - Foundations of Solution Focused Brief Coaching
14 - 15 Feb 2019

Module 2
SFBC210: Rethinking Performance - Coaching for People’s Strengths 
14 - 15 Mar 2019

Module 3
SFBC320: Team Coaching with the Solution Circle : Guide to SF Team Development 10
15 - 16 Apr 2019

Module 4
SFBC270: Mindful Presence of a Coach - Refine the Tool of Language (Microanalysis)
13 - 14 May 2019

Module 5
SFBC240: Meaningful Career - Solution Focused Approach to Career Coaching 
17 - 18 Jun 2019

Module 6
SFBC410: Leadership Coaching, Leader’s EQ
22 - 23 Jul 2019

Module 7
SFBC710: Coaching MasterClass
19 - 20 Aug 2019

Our Intensive Coach Certification is the only strength-based program in Asia that offers dual certification with the most recognized certification bodies in the world.  Also, our program is modeled along a similar program at the University of Toronto.
Participants complete 125 hours of Coach Training with BRIEF Academy; clocks 125 hours of coaching practice, submit a micro-analysis of his/her own coaching recording and qualify for the Certified Solution Focused Coach (CSFC) designation accredited by the Canadian Council of Professional Certification.  This program is administered at a level higher than the ICF ACC credential.  Upon completion of the CSFC program, participants can continue to work towards the ICF PCC Examination as they clock the 750 hours of coaching practice.

Your Investment - S$9,000 for the 7-months program
Who should attend:
Practising Managers,  HRD Professionals, Trainers or Consultants with several years’ experience and appropriate training and graduate qualifications in Management, leadership, HRD or consultancy.

Having successfully attained my CSFC certification, one of the biggest change I've experienced is the way I coach my clients on being solutions-focused.   This makes a huge impact on their being much more effective as a leader.  The network, camaraderie, and peer coaching by my cohort of fellow coaches have also resulted in the successful publication of my book Coaching in the moment.

Tan Swee Heng
Leadership coach and author

For the past four years, Paul has been encouraging me to sign up for the Solutions Focused Coaching program. Like many of us in the corporate world, the thought of signing up for a two full days of workshop for the next seven months was something that was just “not in our cards”.  Either Paul was a great persistent “pit bull” and/or I just needed some “disruptions” to my life, I decided to sign up for the program. By the end of the first day, I realized that my engagement
was just using one side of my lens. The Solutions Focused Coaching program exposed me to a “new world” of helping “people to fish”.  The countless number of “practice sessions”, tools, templates and models have been an invaluable seven months learning journey.  I finally feel “whole”.  Looking forward to the next half of my career in applying a balanced
approach of consulting and coaching. 

Raymund Chua
Managing Director, Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte Ltd
Head of Regional Center, Heraeus Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd

"I didn't have any idea what Solution Focused (SF) is. But this course has given me a better understanding of how to help my team and I. The take-aways for me are - how to ask the right questions to get the right answers, everyone has the potential to solve their problems and SF helps us to realize our potential. Sometimes, we are too quick to offer suggestions to our people. We should give them the opportunity to share and voice their opinions."
Marconi Madai
Participant - 2017

"The biggest take away as a result of using Solution-focused coaching is learn to listen more and lead the team with their own pace. I am able to lead different performers more effectively, put them at more suitable positions and make everyone feels involved. My team is able to vocalize their thoughts, and make decisions more independently. I am not as stressed as before, I am more relaxed in my style of leadership and I improve my relationship with my colleagues."
Prof Peter Pook
Participant - 2017

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