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The Straits Times, Laws to tackle workplace discrimination in Singapore cannot be too rigid: Experts, 10 Aug 2021

The Straits Times, 
Singapore's resident unemployment falls for 7th straight month, 01 Jul 2021

NSMan, Expert Q&A: So you want to be a gig worker - What should you know, 22 Jun 2021

The Straits Times, 
Singapore's resident unemployment falls for sixth consecutive month, 03 Jun 2021

The Straits Times, 
Improving staff skills a major focus of employers: Survey, 14 May 2021

The Straits Times, NWC convenes on Monday to relook wage guidelines, 15 Apr 2021

Her World, How to market your skills for the job you want, 21 Mar 2021

The Straits Times, 
Sheng Siong bumper bonus not the norm, say analysts, 9 Feb 2021

The Straits Times, 
Employers not considering pay adjustments despite remote working trend: Survey, 8 Feb 2021

NSMan, Should I change jobs in 2021?, 6 Feb 2021

The Straits Times Forum, 
Firms need to understand dementia better as workforce ages, 19 Jan 2021

Commentary: 5 New Year resolutions every manager should have after a really tough year for workers, 28 Dec 2020

The Sunday Times, 
Staying in, burning out: Covid-19 casts spotlight on mental health at work, 22 Nov 2020

The Sunday Times, 
Older interns impress with growth mindset, 15 Nov 2020

CNA, Commentary: Worried about keeping your job? Here's advice to soothe your concerns no matter how old you are, 09 Nov 2020

The Business Times,
We need to talk about promotions, 31 Oct 2020

The Straits Times Forum, 
Provide workplace support for those with dementia, 14 Sept 2020

The Straits Times Forum, 
Don't view firms or workers negatively after a retrenchment, 03 Aug 2020

The Business Times, 
Going beyond financial support for retrenched, 31 Jul 2020

The Straits Times Forum, 
Be humane, professional when retrenching staff, 28 Jul 2020

The Business Times, 
Covid-19 - Lessons for the social services sector, 14 May 2020

CNA, Commentary: In this tough market, retraining alone is no silver bullet, 14 Nov 2019

The Business Times, Lessons from the career of a career coach, 26 Oct 2019

The Business Times, In Singapore, one in 10 people aged 60 and above may have dementia, 18 Oct 2019

The Business Times, Why Singapore's social service sector needs best hiring practices, 3 Aug 2019

The Business Times, Volunteer now to make a difference, 20 Oct 2018

CNA, Commentary: Tattoos, being overweight, or dressing casually - do looks affect your chances of getting hired?, 15 Jul 2019

The Straits Times, Retirement is just a number, 11 June 2018

The Straits Times, Axed workers grapple with identity, relationships and nonworking life, 31 May 2018

The Business Times, Cultural intelligence - a skill critical for SME leaders, 24 Apr 2018

The Business Times,
Putting the human touch back in HR, 10 Feb 2018
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